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Call for True Stories (June): Help

Call for Writers, Readers, Storytellers, Yarn Spinners, Friends, Neighbors, and anyone with a good story to tellAt one time or another, we have all needed, received, given, wished for, prayed for, declined and/or accepted help. Regardless of your relationship to it, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to ask for it. Whether you need or have needed, offered, given, rejected, or accepted help (loosely interpreted) we would love to hear your story.
Stories might be about asking for, seeking, needing, giving help or anything in between. The theme is open to your interpretation.
Have a true story to share? Email ( to sign up for your 3-5-minute (2-4 pages A4) open-mic slot. Remember, you don’t have to be a writer to share your story. We are looking for anyone with a true story to share.
Not sure you're ready to read your true story? That’s fine too. Come by and listen. If you would like to share a story but want us to offer some feedback, get in touch. We ca…