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Introducing Summer of Prose, Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshops

Summer of Prose: Creative Nonfiction

Summer is in full swing. People are creating memories faster than you can say "cheese". What better way to preserve them than with a true story?

No matter how many pictures we take, how many tweets we post, or how many videos we film, memories, events, and people, just like old photos, can be lost, forgotten, or misplaced. It’s true, a picture speaks a thousand words, but nothing captures the depth and detail of a moment/memory like a story. If you’re writing a personal essay and need help getting it into shape, join us for summer of prose, an online summer writing camp.

Sessions are six weeks and run Sunday-Sunday
Price: £150. Payable upfront or £25 a week payable each Sunday.
What is it? An online creative writing course aimed to help you develop a personal essay to submit to publications, perform, and/or inform a larger collection. The course includes weekly writing prompts, tailored weekly writing exercises and readings, and weekly feedback to help develop your personal essay (up to 3,500 words) for your target audience.

Each Sunday, you will receive a writing prompt and reading list tailored to your writing goals, development, and the piece you submitted on registration. You will also be encouraged to submit writing weekly and will receive constructive feedback via email.

Weekly Themes:

Week 1: Writing You, Character, Motivation

Week 2: It’s All in Your Head, Memory and Writing

Week 3: Telling your story, your way: Shape/structure, Perspective, Ownership

Week 4: It was a Dark and Stormy Night, or was it? Setting Place, Time

Week 5: Where did I leave my keys? Writing Place, descriptions

Week 6: Editing and Exploring the Marketing: finding publishing and performance opportunities

About Me:

Yvonne is an American writer living in Lancaster, UK. A writer of fiction and Creative Nonfiction, her writing has been published in riverSedge, Assisi, Not Somewhere Else But Here: A Contemporary Anthology of Women and Place, Welter, Slices, and The Chesapeake Reader Literary Journal.

Winner of a Northern Writers Award in fiction (2017), her first novel, Remembered (forthcoming 2019), is the story of an emancipated slave haunted by both the past and the present as she struggles to lead her dying son  home. Yvonne’s practice-based research explores silence, legacies of slavery, motherhood, and community. Her novel will be published by Dialogue Books of Little, Brown Group (Hachette). Yvonne was shortlisted for the Words and Women Competition (2017) and commended for children’s writing in the Faber Andlyn BAME (FAB) Prize (2017).

Yvonne is represented by the Elise Dillsworth agency and holds an MA in Writing (Dual Concentration fiction and nonfiction) from Johns Hopkins University and a Creative Writing PhD from Lancaster University. She is an Associate Lecturer at Lancaster University and a Lecturer at University of Cumbria. Yvonne is a creative producer, writer, and is co-founder and co-Director of North West Literary Arts CIC.

Yvonne is co-creator of the North West Literary Salon, a monthly literary event featuring local writers, musicians and food; Stories at the Storey, a monthly true-story open mic night providing a platform for new writing and creative nonfiction since 2014, and Off the Page, interdisciplinary creative writing workshops as well as founder of The Writing Life radio show. 
The organization aims to increase diversity in publishing and to build community one story at a time.

**Optional features: Character Sketch: artist sketch of main characters
**In-character reading: recording of actors reading the work in character.
Ready to get started? Classes are ongoing. You can start any week.

Email Yvonne at for more information or to get started on our writing journey.


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