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Introducing Summer of Prose, Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshops

Summer of Prose: Creative Nonfiction
Summer is in full swing. People are creating memories faster than you can say "cheese". What better way to preserve them than with a true story?
No matter how many pictures we take, how many tweets we post, or how many videos we film, memories, events, and people, just like old photos, can be lost, forgotten, or misplaced. It’s true, a picture speaks a thousand words, but nothing captures the depth and detail of a moment/memory like a story. If you’re writing a personal essay and need help getting it into shape, join us for summer of prose, an online summer writing camp.
Sessions are six weeks and run Sunday-Sunday Price: £150. Payable upfront or £25 a week payable each Sunday. What is it? An online creative writing course aimed to help you develop a personal essay to submit to publications, perform, and/or inform a larger collection. The course includes weekly writing prompts, tailored weekly writing exercises and readings, and weekly feedbac…