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North West
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The View from my window

Last month we shared stories loosely exploring the theme “firsts.” The stories made us laugh, think, listen, and cry.  There were stories about loss, love, acceptance, memory, family, and more. As we are each month, Naomi and I were touched by the openness, truth, trust, and generosity of each storyteller.
In the spirit of the theme, Naomi shared an exclusive reading of May. The reading left us breathless and anxious to hear more.

Last month was a first for me too. I shared drafts of my interpretation of the theme as a work-in-progress on Patreon where I will also be posting a recording of the piece.  I am hoping to share my writing journey each month. Writing is a process, by sharing mine I hope to empower other writers to create, share, and publish their own.

April’s theme is another true or false night. Storytellers do not have to tell us whether the stories they share are fiction, creative nonfiction, or hybrid pieces. I’ve already started writing mine. If you’d like to share your 3-5 minute true story in person, via email, on our website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram let us know.

At Stories at the Storey there’s always room for one more.
What’s New?

We have some exciting upcoming events and you’re invited!

Book Launch: April 28, 7-9PM, Waterstones King Street, Lancaster: Join us as we celebrate the launch of Naomi Kruger’s, May. The event will include a reading, followed by a lively discussion and light refreshments. The event is free and all are welcome. Please order your free tickets via Eventbrite.
Interested in volunteering? We need volunteers to help the event run smoothly. Some roles could include seating guests, setting up, taking pictures, and/or social media marketing and engagement. Email us at to get involved.

Funding and Developing Your Creative Writing, Practice, and/or Project: May, 2018 (TBC). Join us for a free event to discuss funding, developing, and delivering creative writing and other arts projects. This discussion aims to provide information on funding opportunities as well as providing an opportunity to network and collaborate with individuals and organizations. The event is for practitioners, writers, creators, etc... in literature, dance, music. We will also discuss crowd funding, collaborating, the Arts Council’s role as developers, match funding, and strategies to support one another to create sustainable arts. We will be joined by Alison Boyle from the Arts Council. Alison is also offering individual 10 minute one-to-one sessions to discuss Arts Council proposals and your project. If you are interested in an appointment, please contact Yvonne at Other guests to be confirmed.

How can this event be useful to you? We are organizing a collaborating/networking event a week prior so that writers and other creative practitioners have the opportunity to consider projects, explore potential collaborations, and develop relationships. If you are interested in this free event or have a suggestion about ways we can make the event more relevant, please get in touch.

London Book Launch: Join us on May 29th for an evening of words with Jennifer Nansugba Makumbi and Naomi Kruger. Jennifer will be reading from Kintu and Naomi will be reading from May. The readings will be followed by engaging discussion, refreshments, and opportunities to have books signed.

Tips and Prompts

Not sure how to start your next writing project? This month’s tip could help. Between researching, plotting, brainstorming, and visualizing, it takes a lot of steps to go from idea to finished draft. While these can be necessary steps, they sometimes get in the way of what we set out to do: write. Whether you outline, cloud, plot, or map, if your current strategy is slowing you down, change it. How?

Just write. There is plenty of time to plot, consider, research, and edit after you get the words on the page.

  1. Imagine an idea.
  2. Write.

Before I start writing, I mentally listen to my characters’ voices and begin picturing them in scenes. I get to know them by imagining how they act and react, how they walk, and the boundaries they are willing to cross. So before I pick up a pen or type a word, I imagine.  

Next, I write. 

How do you start writing a piece?

Building Community, One Story at a Time

Have news to share? Let us know and we will share it either via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or email.

Twitter: @NWLitSalon
Facebook: North West Literary Salon
Instagram: North West Literary Arts

Want our help with a project? Get in touch.
Thanks for reading,
Yvonne and Naomi, North West Literary Arts


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