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North West Literary Arts News: April Edition

North West Literary Arts Volume 1 / Issue 7 The View from my windowLast month we shared stories loosely exploring the theme “firsts.” The stories made us laugh, think, listen, and cry. There were stories about loss, love, acceptance, memory, family, and more. As we are each month, Naomi and I were touched by the openness, truth, trust, and generosity of each storyteller. In the spirit of the theme, Naomi shared an exclusive reading of May. The reading left us breathless and anxious to hear more.
Last month was a first for me too. I shared drafts of my interpretation of the theme as a work-in-progress on Patreon where I will also be posting a recording of the piece.I am hoping to share my writing journey each month. Writing is a process, by sharing mine I hope to empower other writers to create, share, and publish their own.
April’s theme is another true or false night. Storytellers do not have to tell us whether the stories they share are fiction, creative nonfiction, or hybrid pieces. …