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Call for True Stories: January Stories at The Storey

Call for Writers, Readers, Storytellers, You
It can warm, guide, and move us; propel, protect, reveal: This month’s theme is “light” (loosely interpreted). Join us as we share true stories of light: walking with or in it, the pursuit of, the search for, the loss of, and everything in between.
Whether you are a writer, reader, storyteller, or can spin an interesting tale, we would love to hear your 3-5 minute (2-4 pages A4) true story loosely interpreting this month's theme. Have a true story to share? Message us here or email: to sign up for an open-mic slot.
Please note this month features the opportunity to have your true story recorded by and broadcast on Beyond Radio. As always, this is optional. If you would like to read and have your story recorded, please let us know. If you would like to read and would not like your story recorded, please let us know that as well.
The choice is yours.
Either way, we’d love to hear your true story.
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