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October Call for True Stories: Stories at the Storey

There are still a few slots available for to share your story at October's Stories at the Storey.
October's theme is "alternate paths/choices" (loosely interpreted). We are looking for stories about the choices we make and that are made for us; the paths we take, the what if's and maybes, the if onlys and what could have beens.
Your choices led you to where you are today, where else can they take you?
We're already looking forward to it!
Want to read a 3-5 minute (2-4 typed pages of A4) true story?
Get in touch!
When is it? The next Stories at the Storey is Thursday, October 26
Where is it? Stories at the Storey is at Print Room Cafe in The Storey.
What are we looking for? Stories at the Storey is a true story open mic night. The stories we are looking for are creative nonfiction, lifewriting, well-crafted true stories.
What is Creative Nonfiction? Creative nonfiction draws on storytelling techniques to create stories that engage readers. Create a scene for us; de…