Sunday, June 19, 2016

Characters in Motion: Where actors bring new writing life

Join us for a lively workshop as professional actors bring new writing to life

Brought to you by the team that gives you Stories at the Storey and North West Literary Salon, in collaboration with Emma Rucastle, supported by the Dukes, Off the Page Characters in Motion is a unique workshop opportunity for Creative Writers to see their writing performed in front of an audience and to have their drafts brought to life by professional actors directed by Emma Rucastle of ELART Productions/The Rose Company. The performances are followed by feedback and discussions of issues of process, interpretation, the reader and the development of craft.

What can you expect at a Characters in Motion workshop?

Professional writers act out characters in poems, plays, prose and essays, giving life to characters. This process allows writers to see their characters move, to hear them speak and to watch them interact on the stage as interpreted from the page. Prior to the performance, the pieces are read and discussed by a team of professionals: writers, actors and the director. On the evening of the performance, the writer and audience get the writing brought to life. Each performance is followed by discussion. 

What is pay as you decide?

Pay what you think the Characters in Motion experience is worth. 

Workshop date: June 18, 2016, 6-8 PM
Location: The Dukes, Lancaster
Cost: Pay as you decide
Dress: casual

Made possible with support from Grad College 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Call for True Stories: Stories at the Storey

The Future is Now

The theme for this month’s Stories at the Storey is “The Future.”

Stories about where you thought you would be in 2016, letters to the past, letters to the future or anything in between, we’d like to hear your 3-5 minute true story loosely interpreting the theme “The Future.”

Stories at the Storey is a true story open mic night held at The Storey in Lancaster. It's a lively evening of stories, food and community. We are looking for true stories from writers, readers, storytellers,students: anyone who can tell a good story.

Date: June 30
Location: The Storey
Time: 7-8PM
Dress: Casual

Message us today to share your true story about tomorrow.  

Have a true story but not able to make it on the day? Email your true story to and we could feature it on our blog, Facebook or Twitter

Backstory: Reflections on this Month's Theme for Stories at the Storey

Meeting deadlines is as soothing to me as a creamy cup of flavoured coffee. Checking a project off of my mental to-do list settles me. ...