Creative Producer Looking to work with a National Portfolio Agency in the Arts Council Change Makers Program

Is Your National Portfolio Organization looking for a Creative Producer to Apply for Arts Council Change Makers Program?

Writer, Entrepreneur, Educator, Project Manager, Creative Producer, Presenter with the ability to develop concepts into reality.

I am a Creator and Creative Co-Producer of community arts projects, educator, writer, presenter and final-year Creative Writing PhD candidate. I’m interested in an opportunity to work with a National Portfolio Organization that is applying or considering applying for the Arts Council’s Change Maker Fund.

I'm a final year full-time Creative Writing PhD student at Lancaster University. I'm also an Associate Lecturer here and an Associate Professor in the U.S. I have eight years of Higher Education teaching experience teaching Creative Writing, English, Academic, Technical and Professional Writing. In a few months I'll also have my Higher Education teaching certification. I make a living doing something that I love: empowering people.

Outside of Academia I'm interested in storytelling, community arts and writer development opportunities. I created an award-winning campus-based radio show, The Writing Life, where I interviewed writers about how they make a living with their words as well as created writers' panels. I've recently created a team to take over this project and am now in a more executive producer/mentor role there.

I am Creative Co-Producer of North West Literary Salon, Stories at the Storey and Off the Page. Each project shares, inspires and engages. The salon is a monthly event where we have two local writers read engaging stories. The readings are followed by lively discussion co-hosted by my colleague and I, music and food. We are quite fortunate that the salon sells out monthly and continues to grow.  Stories at the Storey is a true story open mic night. Each month, we encourage anyone with an engaging story to share their true stories loosely interpreting the month's theme with our audience. This award-winning event attracts diverse audiences and is growing as well as being supported by the community. Off the Page is a project where we have professional actors bring new writing to life. For this project we collaborate with Emma Rucastle and a team of writers to help writers develop their drafts.

I'm currently working on a new project that I've pitched to the BBC Lancashire. The project, If These Walls Could Talk, explores true stories from within the walls of some of Britain's Heritage sites. It's a platform for visitors, neighbors, guests, employees, vendors, share their stories of visits, experiences, etc...and how they engage with British Heritage sites. 

As a writer, my future projects will be in developing a series of books and a TV show featuring diverse characters. It's important for children to see themselves represented in all facets of life. I'm also interested in furthering Off the Page and other writer development projects to broaden access to publishing to a wider, more diverse audience.

Balancing multiple projects has given me the opportunity to develop valuable skills like social media marketing, public engagement, creating and managing budgets, bidding for funding, networking, developing relationships with writers and more. I'm able to manage projects from concept to creation. Personally and professionally, I'm interested in training and developing skills that will build on my community engagement interests and increase my impact while building my writing platform, community engagement portfolio and Arts Organizations skills. The Change Makers opportunity can help me reach my goals while helping your National Portfolio Organization continue to reach its mission. 

Feel free to message me directly.


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