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Diary of a Creative Writing PhD Student: Creatify, Decreatify The etymology of a Word

The other day I was crafting an exercise for my Creative Writing seminar. The assignment was to have students take otherwise non-creative writing text and infuse it with creative writing tools, techniques and devices. I called the process: creatifying. 
I introduced the task: "Creatify a piece of non-creative writing..."
"Right, it means..."
Between sips of flavored coffee, I defined it like it was a real word. 
"The next step of the process is to de-creatify a piece of creative writing..."
I explained the process: to strip the elements of creative writing from creative writing text.
A word was born; well, two words.
"In my spare time I'm going to put these words on Wikipedia," I said. I'm always threatening to put something on Wikipedia.
Now, the thing is, I don't have a lot of spare time. In between Momming, researching and working, I glanced at the steps to create an article there and knew I would have to wait for som…

October Open Call: Stories at the Storey

Whether what scares you is under the bed, rattling in the closet, or lingering in the past, Stories at the Storey invites you to share your 3-5 minute true story about fear. The next true story open mic night is Thursday, October 29, 7-8 PM at the Storey.

Email us at to reserve your slot.

Hosted by Yvonne Battle-Felton and Naomi Kruger, Sponsored by Grad College, Stories at the Storey is a BBC Get Creative Event