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What is North West Literary Salon?

When we talk about a literary salon, people have different ideas about what we mean. To some it's writers reading drafts of their own work, to others it's readers reading someone else's work. To us, it's neither. It's living authors telling stories and dramatically reading their work to engage an audience followed by questions, answers, food and music.
North West Literary Salon is a new initiative bringing established and emerging writers with a local connection together with the public for dramatic readings (storytelling) and conversation. After the authors read, Naomi and I chair a lively discussion and invite the audience to participate. Food is provided by a local caterer and a local musician will provide music. All for free.

That's right.


The evening lasts an hour. The events will be held in Lancaster Library. What do you need to bring? Bring your thirst for story, your engaging wit and your curiosity.  
The salon is an evening engaging with story, commu…

Golden Bicycles

I could have said yes.  I could have said, I will take this glossy eight-page brochure filled with artsy wrapping paper, cutesie pizza kits, and hardened sausage that no one I know actually eats, and peddle it office to office, client to client, colleague to colleague to convince unsuspecting people that paying $12 for $3 gift wrap is a charitable cause. But, I like to think that somewhere between Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and just after ‘maybe your dad and I will get back together,’ I stopped lying to my children.  Yesterday, my son brought home a glossy brochure and dreams of winning $500 for selling whatever the glossy brochure wanted him to sell.I don’t remember ever believing that pizza, candles, wrapping paper, oranges, candy, or gigantic sausage and cheese would be my claim to riches, a new bike, or an IPOD (ok, a Walkman).I vaguely remember asking my mother to sell things at her work, but that may not be my memory.  Still, I recognize the feverish look in his eyes as he talk…

Seduced by Opportunity

When I wrote this post I was anticipating moving my family for one year. Revising the post after uprooting my family for a four year PhD program in the UK made me smile. 

I do not live without attachments.
I am not free to follow my dreams, wherever they lead unencumbered by the hopes of others, the responsibilities of realities, the tassels of life.
There are few of us so transient or selfish or lacking longitude and latitude that we are able to uproot our lives to spend a year seduced by words in a library.
I have children.I have a job.I have responsibilities.I have one thousand and one reasons to say no.
And, yet.
Yesterday, I submitted my proposal to be considered for a Radcliffe Fellowship.If selected, I will spend a year researching the diaries, memoirs, letters and lives of five women and their relationships with mothers, daughters, neighbors, friends, lovers, strangers: the women who helped craft their lives.
I am seduced by words.
Yes, No, It’s over, I’m leaving, don’t go, d…

Diary of a Community College Professor: A Day in the Life (Repost--revisiting the past)

I don’t tend to view moves emotionally. In my experience, they have always been for positive reasons—even if I didn’t understand them at the time.As an adult, I’ve been blissfully emotionally and physically unavailable throughout my moves.I can barely remember my move to Maryland over 15 years ago.  Later, for my move from my first townhouse to a townhouse with my then-boyfriend (and now ex husband) I was physically unavailable—I was at work.I was nine months pregnant for the move from the townhouse to our home.Packing and unpacking, moving, rearranging, these things are handled, typically, ideally, not by me. Today, at work, we are in the final stages of closing the 23rd floor.Clients are settled into their new offices on the 27th floor.Technology is uninstalled.Furniture is moved out.The furniture move, despite requiring little actual physical energy—from me—was emotionally exhaustive. Selecting a mover, while contingent on estimates and availability—became a matter of which moving co…

Maybe It's the Winter: Dating Advice from a Single Woman

Maybe it’s the winter.
For some reason—and I doubt it’s a flattering one—something about the sunless, cold mornings, the dreary days or the bitter nights, reminds people of me.
And, not in a flattering way.
The deeper the snow, the lower the temperature, the icier the air, the more texts, instant messages and emails I get from men who for whatever reason, I chose not to pursue relationships with.
I have never responded with, ‘while you weren’t good enough then, I’ve recently lowered my standards…’
That they think the cold temperatures might drive me to desperation is either a fault of theirs or one of mine.
That I think, ‘hmmmm’…. when I receive these unwelcome e-memories is a fault of mine.I have—but do not suffer from—selective memory.Still, each time I get a text from an unsaved number that I seldom recognize as a deleted number, I typically resist the urge to respond, “who are you?”
Because, I know.
While I may not remember the name, the face, or the exact reason.I know for whate…

Will Write for Change

Each minute we are presented with ample opportunities to settle: we accept less than acceptable behavior in children, spouses, dates, friends, family; we justify poor service from waiters, delivery people, taxi drivers; we excuse unpleasant attitudes of teachers, coworkers, and bosses.As we accept less from those around us we become in danger of expecting less from ourselves. I was recently given the opportunity to write a children’s book for a group I enjoy working with in various creative capacities.Because the character has no back story, I would be responsible for creating both a history and a story that engaged the wide age range of their expected target audience while delighting parents and educators. It was an exciting project. At once, I began sifting through the information, researching, and mentally plotting. Anxiously, I began writing.I was well into the first chapter when the negotiations began.This was to be my first book so when asked what terms I expected and what price I …