What to do When You Don't (repost from Open Salon)

I am new to Twitter and though I tweet, there are things about its culture I am still learning.  Like, what do you do when you don’t want to follow someone?

 Off-line I am seldom led where I do not want to go.  I rarely accept invitations to things I don’t want to attend.  I don’t engage in conversations I don’t want to have. 
I am an INTP and so I can get away with my quirks with those who know of them. 
But in an arena where conversations are more likely to take longer to write than to read, how socialable or unsociable can I get away with being? 
When someone follows my updates, I read their profile, peruse their tweets and follow theirs out of interest, courtesy, reciprocity, sometimes out of a perhaps misplaced sense of cyber obligation. 
After posting a recent update, I got a message of a new follower.  As usual, I rushed to read the profile, scan the updates, click follow and log out.  And then I read his tag line. 
I should admit that in my Twitter tag line I refer to myself as a relationship intolerant writer.  It’s not that I’m necessarily intolerant of others and the things they do; I’m—at least right now—allergic to the idea of myself being in a relationship.  I often consider reconsidering this tag line.  Can a director of public relations be intolerant of relationships? 
Apparently, I can.   
My public relations are fine, it’s my private ones and the implication of commitment that give me hives. 
This person’s tag line requests that people follow him to ask his former significant other to take him back.
 In theory, I could be one click away from reuniting these two lovers.  One click away from rekindling their love, from righting a wrong. 
She—whoever she is—has, and I suspect for good reason, left this person alone of her own will (perhaps facilitated by his cyber stalking).  He is enlisting the help of strangers to woo her back.  And if this gimmick should work, if she has issued an ultimatum of either 1,578 followers or else—am I really doing either of them a favor by following him? 
It turns out, online or off, I am still inherently me. 
I will not at the request of a stranger contact another stranger asking her to reconsider her relationship choices.  Perhaps she does not struggle with being in a relationship but merely resists the urge to be in one with him. 
Whatever the situation, I will not follow where I would not go.


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