Saturday, March 21, 2015

Learning from Ourselves (repost from Open Salon)

My grandmother was the caregiver of the family.  She was a career nurse for years, then practiced at home by mending hearts, stitching relationships and suturing wounds.  I did not inherit this gift. 
Medical conversations make me uncomfortable.  They always do, they always have and I have little reason to believe they will not continue to forever and ever amen.  I was driving when Elise called.   
“I’m pregnant,”  she cried,  “I don’t know how it happened.”
Elise is 36--she knows how it happened. 
What surprises me about all of us, my sister, my closest friends, myself, is our ability to make the same mistakes.  We rewind the mistakes of one another, of ourselves and instead of reliving them as memories; we relive them in our realities.  
It's time we changed the endings.  

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