Does Social Networking Level the Social Networking Playing Field?

I am an INTP
According to my recent Myer’s Briggs personality assessment, and according to my life, I am socially challenged when it comes to socializing.

I find off-line networking, socializing, and interacting somewhat exhausting. This is not a confession.  Those who know me already know I cherish silence. This is not an expose.  When I need to be alone I don’t hide it nearly as well as I think I do.  It just simply is. 

But, I do it.

I make time to spend with friends, colleagues, and intimate strangers to share experiences, opportunities, and information.  I sparingly attend networking events.  Perhaps you’ve seen me; I was the person indulging in multiple conversations for about twenty minutes or so.  Twenty minutes later, I was the person engaging in a few select interactions.  One hour later, I was the person gone.

Online, I am not as reclusive, or I am but people don’t notice.

I have Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  I update, post, read, share, learn, network, friend and follow.  Online where everyone has something to say, every connection is an interaction that I control.  If I feel crowded, I can choose to not log in, to log out, ignore, or put off.  But more importantly, I can engage when I want to, as often or as little as I want to, and no one has to know that our connections are in fact stronger because of, not in spite of, the e-distance between us.


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