Thursday, March 12, 2015

Complications Don't Pay the Bills (Repost)

I have a complicated relationship with money.
I value it.  I respect it. I like it.
At varying times I have it or need it or want it.
I earn it through work. I ask for it through grants. 
I just don’t write for it.  
I usually don’t write about it.
It is, as I’ve said, a complicated relationship.
I want to make a living as a writer. The implication is that I want to be paid for writing, not paid to write (a slight difference making me feel less wordishly whorish).  Still, there is the implication of a financial interaction, not the cumbersome actuality of it.
I write because I have a fascination with the way words sound on the page.  Not, because of a fascination with money.  And yet, I want to make a living as a writer: The implication being a writer who eats. 
A few days ago, I updated my blog to include a section about me. In it, I don’t imply that I will write for money. I say it.
I will write articles, blog posts, short stories, newsletters, features and interviews.   I will write to inspire action.  I will write to support a cause. I will write for money…
Well, maybe not for money.  
I will write with and without the expectation of compensation in the form of something of value.
It is, after all, a complicated relationship.   

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