Saturday, March 28, 2015

Comment on Comments

Lately, I have been trying to communicate more. With friends, family and colleagues, I have a tendency to communicate in doses.
So, when I decided to join the community of blogger—about a year after I started blogging—it was somewhat cautiously.
I started by commenting on other writers’ pieces on Open Salon. Most writers here are a lot better at reading other’s posts and commenting, it’s really a community. I dangle along edge.
After a few comments here and there, I was ready to comment on a few other sites. Yet, not all sites were ready for me, or ready for me to comment that is. For some, you either had to register, create a profile, or otherwise commit in order to comment.
I see the benefit of ‘Hi, I’m (insert username) and I (insert comment here). But, I prefer the ease of posting a comment with less effort. I don’t mind supplying my email address as a sort of guarantee that I stand behind my words. What I mind is the assumption that I have the time (or inclination) to provide my address, subscribe to a newsletter or feed, or otherwise commit to the content (other than my comment).
Still, I prefer the e-antics of registering over the silence inspired by sites that don’t accept comments at all. While their blog posts inspire bloggers to write responses and post them on our own blogs, they don’t inspire communication.
And, isn’t that the point of communications?

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