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Stories at the Storey: Call for Story tellers for January Open Mic Night

It’s 2015 and this year is going to be brighter, bolder and bigger than 2014.
This year we’re making and keeping; making and breaking or making and talking about resolutions past, present or future.
We’ve already made our New Year’s Resolutions.
We want to hear yours. 
Stories at The Storey is a nonfiction open-mic storytelling experience and is looking for performers, students, community members, staff, visitors and anyone with a true story to share. 
We are interested in true, engaging stories told well.
Join us as we share stories about things we’ve resolved to change, to do, to let go: resolutions in life, love, careers, etc…
If you have an engaging story that loosely explores the theme “resolution” we would love to hear it.
Email: for more information or for a 3-5 minute slot.
Event brought to you by Yvonne and Naomi; sponsored by Grad College.
Event details
Date: January 22, 2015 Time: 7 PM-8 PM Open Mic Location: The Storey (The Music Room) Dress: Casual S…