What's Next for The Writing Life? Upcoming The Writing Life Season

As I prepare for a new season and new possible directions for The Writing Life, I took some time to reflect on the things I've learned these past three seasons.

The top of the list:
1. Write because you love it.
2. Write because you need to.
3. Publish because you have something to say.
4. The story is the most important element.
5 Without characters, there is no story.
6. Challenge yourself as a writer.
7. Challenge readers.
8. Write

Catch up with The Writing Life interviews here.
What did you learn from the interview season? What questions would you like me to ask future guests? Comment below.

What's new this season? This season I'll be interviewing emerging writers as they showcase their work on the show. I'm looking for poets, short story writers, playwrights, novelists and Creative Nonfiction writers: any one with a story to share.

Want to get involved? Leave a comment here, contact me through the station or Tweet me on Twitter: @YBattleFelton 


  1. Dear Yvonne, I'd love to participate in your program as an emerging writer or in another form. I'm an English teacher/translator in Lisbon, Portugal where I'm raising two cool kids. My writing CV: I'm slogging it through the final touches of a family saga set in Tennessee; I've recently had 2 light journalistic articles accepted for publication about the mark of slaves from Angola in the U.S.; I've had a micro short story accepted for the bottlednovel.com project; I did an Arvon writing course last summer; I'm considering doing an MFA somewhere in the UK/Ireland in the next few years. I'm also researching the lives of actual slaves in the U.S. I don't really know where this interest in slavery came from or where it's leading but it's fascinating. I love history and the idea of bringing real life stories to light. Whether or not you'd be interested in interviewing me, I would love the chance to exchange some ideas with you. Best wishes, kt

    1. Dear KT,

      Thank you for your message. Congratulations on your writing accomplishments. An MFA in the UK/Ireland sounds like an exciting opportunity. I would recommend Lancaster University's MA program--but I'm a bit biased, smiles.

      I also find writing about slavery and under-represented characters fascinating and rewarding; I'm enjoying getting to know my characters and the world through their eyes. I'd enjoy interviewing you. This season interviews are literary salon style so you would be chatting in between your reading sections of your work. We can exchange ideas throughout the interview. Or, we can just chat too.

      I've just gotten my Blue Yeti Microphone and have to play around with a bit. If all works as I hope, I will be able to interview you for the show. If it doesn't work as I hope we can chat but I won't be able to air it.
      Feel free to email me: y.battle-felton@lancaster.ac.uk and we can set up a time to chat.

      I'm looking forward to hearing from you,


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