Making a Career with my Words

Usually when I assess my career goals I end up with the same goal: I want to make a career with my words. There is something exciting about manipulating words on the page (or screen) that I love. The more people I talk to people who make a living writing, the more possible my dreams become.

I find my research as a student often leads into research in life. My interest in interviews as a medium for crafting the Slave Narratives and as a source for gathering information complements my interests in crafting narratives through interviews in my career. It's only natural that my interest in words would mingle old traditions with newer ones and lead me to want to use my voice both on the page and on the mic. 

Which came first?

When I was a teenager, my friend Alicia and I decided we were going to be rappers. We didn't say we wanted to try to be rappers, just that we were going to be rappers. Our manager was a good friend, Peace. She didn't know much about the music industry but Peace is a natural advocate. If there was any negotiation involved, we needed her on our side. 

We found a studio in Philadelphia and when we rehearsed our lines, we went to make a demo. 

"What track is this going to?"The engineer asked.

It turns out we weren't prepared. We thought it was his job to find out about music, copyrights and anything else we needed to know. 

He popped in some generic music and we put rhyme to beat. In the almost 20 years since making that demo I've listened to it probably once. 

One day we decided we were no longer rappers.

Since then I have worked as an accidental professional voice-over artist and now I want to do it on purpose.  Crafting a career with my words can include on the page and on the mic. A few weeks ago I went to a studio to make a professional demo. Before arriving the producer asked me to find four types of scripts and to practice them. I went to the studio much more prepared than I did in the past and so far, I've listened to the demo three times. Now to send it out.

Want to listen? Here it is courtesy of VoiceOvers-UK


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