The Writing Life goes Live: A Discussion About Making a Living as a Writer

I’m pursuing a Creative Writing PhD.

“What are you going to do with that?” People ask.

It’s not what some consider a logical degree choice.  Logical choices translate from degree to bank account; from dollars in cost to dollars in revenue. Logical degree choices don’t just make sense; they make cents—a lot of them.

I am a writer.

What other degree allows me to write and research engaging topics that interest, love and inspire me? Who would I be if I didn’t follow my passion? And what will I be if I don’t apply logic to passion?


It is not logical to assume I will graduate and no matter how engaging my writing, tumble in to a full-time Creative Writing faculty position. Despite my modern degree, chances are I will have to earn my position the old fashioned way: one best seller at a time.

Each conversation I have with either an established or emerging writer shows me that it is possible to craft a career as a writer, as long as I keep a day job and a steady stream of projects and possibilities. I have to market, promote and network; I have to establish relationships. I have to treat writing as a business if I want to be in the business of writing.

In two weeks I am hosting my first live event. The discussion is a panel of writers, including award winning writer Carys Davies and lecturer, writer George Green, who will share information, tips and advice about their writing lives: when they knew they could afford to quit day jobs (if they have); advice for new writers; what they worry about most.

Each story I hear brings me closer to my goal; each story I share ensures others will reach theirs. 

Join us for the Writing Life Live Discussion on Saturday at Lancaster University’s Campus in the City at St. Nicholas Arcades (near Costa Coffee). The discussion is free; the information, invaluable. 


  1. I've given this a plug on virtual-lancaster:

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate the plug and your letting me know.

    2. How interesting! My cousin is just launching some of her ideas - although she doesnt live in this area any more. . I have tweeted and facebooked the info. Good luck with the event.

    3. Thank you for promoting the event, Carol, and for the luck, smiles. We will broadcast it online as well (at a later date):

      I appreciate the support!


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