Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Samsung Challenges UK Phone User to do without Smartphone for Two Weeks

Think you can’t do without your Samsung Galaxy SIII Smartphone? Samsung says you can, and you will.

If you’ve recently updated your Samsung Galaxy SIII without any problems then you may be one of the lucky ones. Now that I have attempted the system prompted update, my device doesn’t work. And I’m not alone. Now that my phone only ineptly strobes “Samsung” I’ve searched reviews on the update (Yes, I’ve learned to check reviews before accepting manufacturer updates) and found questions but no solutions. When I called the support number, the technician admitted that his update also destroyed his phone and his phone is out for repair. Why does Samsung know about the problem but still recommend the update? I suppose it’s the same reason they know how to fix it but don’t share the information: Samsung challenges us to stop using Smartphones.

Over the past ten months or so since I’ve had the phone, I have become addicted to checking emails, status and updates. I’ve taken pictures of my family and our move to the UK; snap shots of interesting places and posted blogs. I used my phone for emergencies too: if my children or their schools need to contact me, they call.

My phone kept me connected.

According to Samsung, maybe it kept me a little too connected.

Despite becoming a practical component of my life, my short battery-cycled friend (a condition potentially introduced via the update before this one) is also used for the impractical: gaming, reading, shopping.

So, like it or not,  for the next two weeks, I’m going to participate in Samsung’s ‘Do without your Samsung’ campaign.

Day 1: It begins.  

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