Lessons from Season 1 of the Writing Life

This year I hosted my first radio series, The Writing Life, on Bailrigg FM. The series is an opportunity for me to interview writers, authors, publishers, and any one making a living with their words or endeavoring to. The platform allows me to share information with a larger population and fulfills part of my teaching passion. Largely, it is an opportunity to converse, interact and engage: to do things I love within a medium I adore.

Presenting is not as easy as some professionals make it look. Thanks to networking and connecting, I was able to garner a list of knowledgeable, personable guests who are willing to share information and were available. I interviewed Kevin Duffy of Blue Moose Books; writer, publisher and Fulbright Scholar Coleen Crangle; space planning visionary and author Jo Kipling; author, student; PR guru Simon James; advocate, lecturer and playwright Royal Shiree; award winning novelist Alison MacLeod; and award winning screen and playwright Daragh Carville. All of my guests have been lovely both on and off the air.  They shared information on how they got started; how they stay motivated; how to balance other careers and pursuits with the pursuit of words; and more. They indulged my curiosities and offered advice.

The interviews are engaging because my interviewees are engaged. It’s not just my personality that brings out the best in people but people that bring out the best in people. My ability to research allows me to ask pertinent, relevant questions. My interest in people prompts interesting discussions.

Listeners and I received valuable advice this year and I’m hopeful listeners have put some of the advice and experiences in to practice; I know I did. One of the best pieces of advice came from my mother: “it’s your show; you’re quirky, it’s fine if your show is too.”
I’m looking forward to next year’s season and gathering and sharing more information.

I’ve included the link so you can catch up on Season 1 before Season 2 begins.

Happy Holidays!


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