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Write or Eat

I make a living with my words.
My words won’t be pimped out for pennies or scattered around dark pages only visible by flashlight. I’m going to make a living from my words.
If someone makes a living from writing we don’t ask how much per word; per book; how much living per page pays. Because we don’t talk about it, some people think they can’t do it.
We all define success in our own way. In my vision my words are tumbling out of people’s mouths around the world. My characters are on the screen and on the page in homes, on phones, and on devices wherever there is internet capability.
My words will travel; my characters will come to life.
They will be multi-cultural, multi-dimensional representations of the world in which we live. Not your world or my world but our world. My characters will be different shapes, sizes and hues. They will coexist like we coexist; getting it done; living life; reflecting life in one another’s image.
My characters will reflect life: not my life or your life but …