Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Emails for Breakfast?

I’ve started consuming emails for breakfast. I don’t know when. One morning I woke up, checked my messages before I had hopped out of bed and the next day, I did the same. It was soon a part of my daily routine.

I like words for breakfast but consuming emails leaves little room for them. By the time it’s time to settle down to actual food; I’m full of sales, notices, requests, and “offers.”There’s room for little else. Hungry, my mood often suffers depending on what I’ve digested.

I seldom get important news via email; and the important news I get tends to go better with a cup of coffee and imported cream.

Like a fresh baked Cinnabon, emails are bad for my thighs; or at least for my stomach.

Today, I’m starting an information diet.

will no longer check email every few minutes; tomorrow I will start the day with music. I will end it with words.

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