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Bad Dream? Write it out!

Last night I dreamed that to end an argument, I agreed to re-marry my ex-husband. It was the first bad dream I’ve had since childhood. 
Thursday morning my children and I moved from one building on campus to another building less than a city block away. It was a short-distance barely worthy of changing our address but I worried that my children would feel unsettled—we had just moved to the UK nine months ago. Though they weren’t changing schools I worried they would need to readjust.
Months ago when I told them about the move, they seemed un-moved.
“The roof is being replaced on this building,” I explained.
“Ok,” they had all moved on. I don’t think I did.
My youngest son’s ability to organize and compartmentalize eased toys, clothes, pet rocks and baubles into large boxes. My oldest son packed the night before. My daughter had packed months ago when she’d moved to her university campus and boxed up what remained so that we didn’t have to.
It’s challenging not to assess life in terms of a…

Emails for Breakfast?

I’ve started consuming emails for breakfast. I don’t know when. One morning I woke up, checked my messages before I had hopped out of bed and the next day, I did the same. It was soon a part of my daily routine.
I like words for breakfast but consuming emails leaves little room for them. By the time it’s time to settle down to actual food; I’m full of sales, notices, requests, and “offers.”There’s room for little else. Hungry, my mood often suffers depending on what I’ve digested.
I seldom get important news via email; and the important news I get tends to go better with a cup of coffee and imported cream.
Like a fresh baked Cinnabon, emails are bad for my thighs; or at least for my stomach.
Today, I’m starting an information diet.
I will no longer check email every few minutes; tomorrow I will start the day with music. I will end it with words.