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College Prep: Watching Your Children Grow Up

In just a few weeks my daughter will be leaving for college. In truth, it’s only an hour away but it seems like much further. Like parents around the globe, I am trying to push a lifetime of advice and lessons in to a few weeks as if we will never meet again.
In some ways, we won’t.
When I leave her at her university campus she will be my little girl; when I see her again she will be my little girl but will have had experiences that she can’t have if she lives at home. How does it feel to go food shopping the first time? Or the first time she realizes she has left her wallet or bank card back at her house? What about when she gets on the wrong bus? The first time she loses her key? Or falls in love; or has her first heart break—or her second?

Connections don’t come easily for me. I have to work at them; at relationships. But she’s worth it; we are worth it. And so I will set up reminders to call, text; I will schedule visits and trips. I will download this new app or that one so that wh…