BBQ Ice Cream Cake: A Recipe Contest I Can Enter

I cook. Yet, I am not a chef or a cook. I cook because my family and I eat. I’m fairly good at it—eating, not cooking. And yet, day in and day out I cook and so my family and I eat.

When I cook there are no mathematical equations, no formulas and no actual recipes.

I could enter a recipe contest, but I think judges frown on disclosures that read “do not attempt if you are living or would like to.” People tend to turn their noses up at recipes that list things like fire extinguishers and smoke alarms in the ingredients.

Growing up, my grandmother was a phenomenal cook: cooking is not hereditary. When I moved out on my own I was surprised to learn that I could not cook. Eating out was just fine—until I got pregnant, and hungrier. I began experimenting in the kitchen. That’s when I learned that there really were only a few things that didn’t taste better with cinnamon.

I cinnamonized everything.

Still, I can’t add cinnamon to a recipe since, you know, people expect other ingredients as well. Besides, I just may be directionally challenged. My one attempt at following a recipe for a Lemon Meringue Pie ended—just not well. The recipe was too complicated for me to follow. At some point the directions switched from making the meringue to making the filling. I switched as soon as I realized it. That was probably one or two ingredients too late. The smell of baked eggs permeated the house. I will leave it at that.

I may not know how to write a recipe, but I know how to eat and I know when a recipe is easy enough for me to follow. Not from reading it, but from following it.

And so, an idea is born: an interactive recipe contest that goes from paper to pan.

Ingredients: From Paper...

  • Recipe Writers
  • Cooks, all levels
  • Recipes, multiple categories
  • Kitchen, Professional grade
  • Actual Ingredients, depends on recipes attempted
  • Creativity
  • Food Tasters, Adventurous
  • Appetite
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Smoke Alarm
  • Cinnamon

...To Pan

  1. Team up with an organization like Living Social that offers a site to prepare the recipes.
  2. Encourage chefs, cooks, eaters, etc…to submit their best recipe in multiple categories.
  3. Have readers choose, nominate, support, and/or adopt a recipe that they are willing to prepare (cannot be the cook who submitted the recipe).
  4. Gather participants at a professional location similar to 918 F Street, a local community college kitchen or a local culinary school.
  5. Watch, shake and stir: volunteer cooks attempt to follow the recipes.
  6. Gather for group Tasting test.
  7. Select winner(s).
  8. Repeat steps as necessary.

Where ever can I find a Kitchen you ask?

1. Ask friends to host recipe cooking parties.
2. Host the event at an organization that offers set up and break down; for example Living Social's 918 F Street.
3. Host events around the world at local culinary schools
4. Host events around the globe at local community colleges
5. Virtually anywhere: have cooks prepare the recipes live on cam and upload

My Culinary Masterpiece: BBQ Ice Cream Cake

More than one way to thaw out an ice cream cake


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