Help! I'm Scared of My Phone

Ok, so maybe scared is the wrong word. Hesitant, nervous, unsure, intimidated by…those might be a bit more accurate.

I ordered the Sprint Intercept sometime last week. I’ve had it now for two days and have yet to take everything out of the box. I will—soon.

A slim, shiny, Droid-capable, touch tone device, I should be excited to begin my next technological journey.

I’m not.

I got this phone by default, more aptly by the fault. I broke my Rant. To say I loved my old phone is to exaggerate. I liked it. Even now my mind—as non committal as ever—is replacing my technology. I like it—my Rant I mean. We shared moments of frustration, joy and adventure as I learned to navigate it as phones of its kind should be navigated: effortlessly (mostly).

I don’t remember this hesitation when I got my old-new phone.

I have come up with several excuses why I cannot or have not activated my Intercept. I was planning to go to the Sprint store to have them activate it so I can get my pictures and contacts moved to my new phone.

What? My pictures are stored online?


What about my hundreds of contacts?

Ok, now would be an excellent time to delete some of those uncontacted contacts.

I have run out of excuses.

Still, the thought of being tied to this phone is somehow bothersome. Internet, video, camera, email, IM, secrets, they were all features I enjoyed on my—other—phone. So why this shimmering one peeking out of its cardboard cradle is now both intimidating and alluring is somewhat surprising.

Larger screen, touch tone keypad…

Is that it?

Am I so intoxicated by having a device of this magnitude respond to my touch? Hmm…maybe.

Now, as my broken Rant hangs on with one bar of energy left in its cool, cute little body, my new phone awaits to spring to life with one touch—mine.


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