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How to Stay Single--when you want to be

As of one week ago, I was selectively single. Today, I’m still single.I’m just more convinced that I’m ready to seriously consider being in a relationship—or at least ready to commit to he idea of getting to know people I would seriously consider being in a relationship with. That wasn’t always the case. After my divorce I decided I needed some time to just be: Be a mom; be myself; be alone. During this time I rediscovered things I like to do; music I like to listen to; things I want to experience. I rediscovered myself not within any of the number of roles that define slices of my life—but me when my roles are off. To society being single is a cause. Eventually I expect to see walks, telethons and drives to eradicate the state of being single.Friends, family, coworkers worry about singles; I’m not sure why. Reveling in my singularity I’m statistically more likely to be happier, to live longer, and to smile more—at least more than I did during the declining years of marriage—than if I w…

Feet Don't Fail Me Now

I don’t look down when I walk.
I look in front of me, around me, sometimes behind me, but I don’t look down when I walk.Probably, this says a lot about me: where I’m going, how I got there.
Last week I was helping a friend move—if we are still calling it that.
“You have to be careful about this,” I said, looking at the 6 inch (in my guess) black corkscrew nail sticking out from the floor.
This should have been my first clue.Even with my glasses on, I don’t see well enough to have known it was a six-inch black, corkscrew nail.
My concern was that my friend would walk out onto her balcony without shoes and step on the nail.
So, it turns out, the nail was not in the floor but was in the screen.
I found this out when I walked through it. When I look down, I don’t see where I’m going, I see how I’m getting there.Maybe that’s why I don’t do it.In life, I often over analyze the steps it takes to get from where I am to where I want to be.
That should make my path more logical, my choices …

Things I Tolerate

A banana. That’s really all my 3 year old wants. A banana—right now. So, we pull into the 7-11 on Lombard and Broadway in search of a banana.While I am no 7-11 Connoisseur, I have visited more than a few 7-11’s over the past 37 years, though only recently for fruit.As a last-minute meal planner and mother of three, I make frequent trips to the grocery store, where I usually buy fresh fruit along with things I either do or do not need at the time.In fact, during my son’s banana melt down, I have four yellow bananas fresh from the groves of Giant Supermarket slowly ripening on the top of my microwave. Despite the patented 7-11 layout, it takes a moment to orient myself once inside.There, near the counter, where they seem to be in most 7-11’s, is the largest basket of brown bananas I have ever seen.I wonder if he’ll eat plantains, I think.Though the sign clearly reads bananas, the brown-spotted, banana shaped, not-quite-thick-enough-to be-considered plantains, are not bananas.Those tha…

My Cover Letter in Word Cloud: Me--Revised