When Apples go Bad, Part 3

1. The FedEx box arrives within a few days of talking to David.
2. My daughter packs the iPOD Touch in the box and sends it off while she frets over how long she can survive iPOD-Less
3. I receive an email that the iPOD has been received and is undergoing diagnostics
4. A few hours later, I receive an email that her iPOD is dead, Apple is sending her replacement.
5. A day or two later, the package arrives, daughter and iPOD are reunited (well, sort of) and all is well with the world, until
6. My daughter receives an odd phone call from Aaron claiming to be from Apple regarding a mix up at the post office and the need for her to return the iPOD.
7. I get on the phone.
8. The misunderstanding is understood as soon as an adult gets on the phone; “Aaron” was probably not from Apple or was he a disgruntled Apple store employee a bit miffed that we went around procedure?
9. Contacted David to let him know all was well and mentioned the odd phone call.
10. While he didn’t address the phone call (either it happens all the time or he didn’t want to get into it), he followed through and has earned Apple 3 potential iPODers.


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