Sunday, September 25, 2011

Points of Interest: Eden's Lounge

I will admit that more than a decade has passed since my days of sneaking into clubs using ID of questionable validity.  So, I was surprised when I discovered this past weekend that the days of sensuous, flirtatious moves on the dance floor have been replaced with the need for condoms.

Good Points
1.      Harem-esque d├ęcor gives the lounge an aura of the exotic (though the moves on the  floor are closer to erotica)
2.      Two for one Happy Hour and no cover until 9.
3.      Parking lot across the street.
4.      Diverse crowd ranging in age, income, and dateability.
5.      Dark enough to just have a good time without worrying how fine (or not) the guy you just passed was.
6.      Clean, available, and easy to locate bathrooms.
7.      While encouraging a certain type of intimacy the crowded dance floor does not encourage lingering conversations.

Not-So-Good Points
1.      After two drinks those steps become treacherous.
2.      While there are many places to sit, under the air conditioner is not one of them: Depending on where you sit, it leaks.
3.      Tables located around the dance floor seems like such a good idea, until a mixed drink comes cascading towards you.

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