May 24, 2009

Over the years I have lived in homes with cable television, yet I have never subscribed to cable service. It seems a luxury—a frivolous one—that suggests I spend far too much time at home and dependent on a box for entertainment than I actually do, or am.
For years, I have avoided committing to cable.

My job has cable and while I enjoy CNN, I enjoy it much better when the television is not frozen, when I can't see the reporters' mouths moving out of sync with their words, or when I don't see boxes of digitally enhanced flesh, background and noise scrambling to formulate a picture. In a few weeks, I will be forced to make a commitment to a service I do not want and that I am not certain is at all committed to me.
I have not missed cable television, though legislation pushing for the digital switch suggests that cable has missed me.


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