Sunday, November 16, 2014

Career Options for Creative Writers: My next role: Villain (Expanding My Career Portfolio)

When I was much younger (some time before wanting to be a rapper) I wanted to be a villain. Not necessarily a law breaking villain but one on paper, in a book. Now, after maturing, living and realizing possibilities I'm back to wanting to be a villain; this time off the page.

As an upcoming voice-over talent I'd like to play the character of a villain in an audio book, video game or animation. I've performed as a professional voiceover artist and have been cast for narration and corporate reads.

My next adventure?


Have you diversified your career portfolio?

I'm a mom, a full-time PhD Student, an emerging writer working on a novel, a researcher, a literary interviewer, a literary event organizer, a voiceover artist, an Associate Lecturer and an Assistant Professor. To be successful I'm told I need to create a career portfolio and forget what I've been told about a career path. I need to think in terms of strategies not strategy; Opportunities not opportunity. I need to pluralize my goals.

If I don't diversify now it will take longer to get where I want to go. There is no one path to the future I want. But if I don't seize options (not an option) I will get nowhere faster and stay there longer.

So I diversify and I write and I research and I write. My degree allows me to apply practice based research; I create while I read, research and explore new worlds and stories. My pursuit of a PhD in Creative Writing opens doors to careers people imagine and opportunities people create. For a habitual multi-tasker who needs multiple projects to keep sane, this career portfolio strategy and my future Creative Writing PhD just may work out at least until I find out where I'm going and craft the path there.

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