Monday, April 1, 2013

Who Says There isn't Enough Time in a Day?

My family and I have been in the UK for two months now and I’m starting to get the swing of things: I know how to get from where I am to where I’m going; I know how to ask directions; I can find the grocery store; shop online and conduct any number of international transactions.  I feel comfortable in my surroundings and am expanding my comfort zone almost daily.

Being a mom, working and being a full-time student still provides more free time than I would have imagined. How am I supposed to fill it?

I’m going to start maneuvering more around my neighborhood and navigating the landscape. I have mental trips planned to Manchester, London, Paris and Italy. Every day I learn something new: my latest lesson is that it takes 7 days to receive a check from an employer in the U.S. and a minimum of 5 to 10 business days for that check to be cashed in to my UK account. I also learned it could take up to 8 weeks but I’m going to keep that lesson in the far recesses of my mind.

Because I teach online and write my schedule is flexible and accommodates being a single mother of 3.  I am able to take my youngest to and from school; I have time for my own studies; time to read and review other books; time to write; and time to mother my older two children. 

No matter how much life I pack in to living I have time for a relationship if I want one.

Do I want one?

I used to think I didn’t have time for someone else in my life; it turns out I didn’t want to make time for any one and now it seems I just don’t know how to make time.

Assuming there is a class, workshop or lecture on making time for someone in your life, would I take it? 

Sooner or later I suppose I would—hopefully by then I will be ready to do it.

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